Simone Wilson-Dowse  brings outstanding award winning expertise to your personalised movie. 

 I bring a wealth of expertise to your personalised movie.  I've worked in the television industry for over 15 years,  

directing, writing, producing,  and editing documentaries, movie trailers, music shows, lifestyle television shows and commercials.  I've worked for National Geographic Channelin Australia and London for over 6 yrs and spend the rest of my time taking on all kinds of freelance projects around the globe for the likes of Foxtel, Discovery Channels, The Movie Network Channels, 

My work has gone on to win awards in Sydney and New York (PROMAX).  I story produced  the highest rating documentary on National Geographic Channel. I've  directed shoots with well known Australian celebrities  Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward, Beck's old boyfriends friend (movie network, Magda Szubinski, Deborah Mailman, Alex Dimitriates for a variety of programs  Triple Adam Spencer and interviewed  Guy Sebastian  top National Geographic experts world renound photographer Annie Griffiths Belt, Youngest Roundteh world solo sail trip HIS NAME, World leading Snaker expert Jesus Rivas.

Is it is this expertise that I bring to your personalised movie. A talent and flair for feeling my way into the story, seeking out the  emotion and "the moments" and  editing it all together in way that will touch your heart, deeply. 

my experience in work and in life, has brought me to point where I am  incredibly passionate about using my skills by immersing myself in people's most special moments in life and then weaving them together in a spectacular, special and very personal way. 


Clients are consistently blown away by what I capture in their movies. This is a forever treasured keepsake to pass on for 

generations to come. 


Having worked as a director, editor and producer across documentaries, music, lifestyle programs and movies trailers, commercials. 

She has won awards in Sydney & New York (Promax), and has the highest rating documentary on National Geographic Channel Australia to her credit (Australia’s Hardest Prison: Lockdown Oz). 

She is a Mum passionate about capturing life's most precious moments.

 "Everyday I get a window into my  clients most cherished memories in life.  

I get to create something that touches their hearts,  makes them smile, laugh,  cry and get sentimental  It's a daily reminder of what is most important in life. It's a privilege and an inspiration."      Simone.                                                                                                         



Family Video Service


This isn't a slideshow.

I capture  your most 

precious  memories

and bring them to life in a way

that will touch your heart.That's  my



is a professional video editing company offering outsourcing options for top-notch professional home movies / home videos like weddings, birthdays, holidays, funerals, farewells, birth, bub's first year, sports clubs, end of year school and preschool assemblies, promotional videos, corporate team building, educational training .... you get the idea!

Outsource Promotional & 


Video Editing

Outsource video editing. You got the footage? We've got the professional service. With over 15 years TV industry experience editing commercials, promos, documentaries, pitch reels, music and lifestyle television, we have the expertise without the big agency inflated rates.   


Promotional, educational, training videos, whatever you need, we're here to help. 

FamilyFlicks HOME MOVIE VIDEO Editing ServiceS


FamilyFlicks offers video editing services to suit your unique needs






creates personalised home movies using your videos and photos.


This is a unique, boutique, professional home video service with a difference - we bring heart and years of expertise to your specialised movie.  


Our clients are consistently blown away by the emotion our movies evoke within them. Tears and laughter are a given.

Family Home 

Movie Editing

This is a specialty for FamilyFlicks. Bringing to life all those precious memories just sitting there dormant on your laptop. We will create a professional home movie edited to music.  It will capture the essence and highlights of your families lives. A treasured keepsake to look back on over all the years to come. Many clients also choose to get an accompanying photobook. 

"We get an annual movie made by Simone from FamilyFlicks. It captures all the best moments of our year. Watching the movie each year is an absolute family highlight and has become a tradition on New Years Eve, at our annual party with family and friends (some of who are also now on board with it!). We will have these movies and photobooks to look back on for your entire lives. It's money well invested."

Amelie Ashcroft

Wedding Video Editing

We will turn your wedding footage and photography into a breathtaking video that promises to capture the emotion of your day. You will never get tired of playing your wedding video over and over.


With years of expertise you can rest assured it will be stunning. To guarantee this we offer a wedding preview service.   We will edit together a  '2 song preview' for you at no charge and only move forward with you if you absolutely love what you see, to date we have not lost a client. We honor the importance of getting wedding movies perfect for you.

"Simone, thank you for creating an amazing video that captures our wedding day! After having such a horrible experience with our wedding photographer (and being upset about it for over a year!), I got so excited to see what you could create for us. Both hubby and I love this video as it shows the amazing day we had! I can finally move on as we have a video we can cherish forever! Thank you so much, you really are amazing!!!' 

Nicole Tostes da Gama

Birthday and Anniversary

Home Movie Editing 

One of our biggest sellers is the milestone birthday movie. Clients are always moved to tears and laughter as they watch their own personal "this is your life."   


They are an absolute hit at parties for young and old. They get everyone laughing, celebrating and feeling the love!  


 "I love it!!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!   You have done an amazing job to document the life of someone you have never met! An incredible talent." 

Kate Dryden

"I wanted to send a very heartfelt thanks for the beautiful video you so cleverly put together for my 40th Birthday. You managed to capture so many precious memories. I laughed and I cried in equal measure. My video is honestly the most precious gift I have ever received. It will be treasured forever."

Heidi Smith 

"My daughter absolutely loved her movie. I think she felt like a movie star. All the kids at the party loved seeing themselves up there too and we all laughed, the adult and kids  (me to the point of tears!). Thanks for making her 10th birthday SO special.  She had never seen a lot of the photos of herself as a baby and young child till now.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

Amanda Kates


Remember and honour your precious loved one. This funeral service is a privilege for us. We create funeral / memorial tribute videos that celebrate an entire lifetime. 


Save yourself all the stress of trying to cobble together a simple slideshow. Our professional funeral video editing service takes all the stress, often placed on those closest, out of creating a treasured remembrance.


Offering so much more than your typical slideshow approach, this is a movie clients often want multiple copies of to share with family and friends.


Birth and Baby's First Year Home Movie Editing 

Now, this is something we LOVE to celebrate. You capture the birth and we put your home movie birth footage together so you can relive those miraculous moments over and over.


Many of our clients also choose to celebrate their baby's entire first year with our bub's first-year movie. From newborn to turning one there are so many changes in our little ones and so many milestones and moments we never want to forget. So don't! 



$2500 inc. gst


Wedding Films



$3000 inc. gst